you can use autohotkey and binding a key to act as mouse scroll

Send {WheelUp 3}
Ctrl+Pgup will act as sroll mous up 3 times.

To make hotkey work only in work only in MLO:
#IfWinActive ahk_exe mlo.exe

Send {WheelUp 3}


― grizz 

W dniu wtorek, 30 stycznia 2018 14:32:36 UTC+1 użytkownik John . Smith 
> Hello
> Is there any hotkey way to get the current line to be in the middle of the 
> screen?
> Background 
> If while one is looking at one's tasks, one accidentally hits say the 
> [Home] key, then the top task on your view gets focus. 
> What is useful is that [Alt]+[BackArrow] will get one back to task one was 
> looking at. 
> However, now your task is at the *bottom* of your screen. (But this is 
> irritating because you can't see the neighbouring tasks below it that are 
> coming up...)
> If one then hits [PgDn] then [PgUp] you task will now your task to the top 
> of your screen.  (But this is irritating because in Hierarchical view you 
> can't see where you are...)
> Obviously, you could use the mouse wheel to scroll the current line into 
> the middle of the screen, but this is slow because it requires one to use 
> the mouse. 
> How can I quickly get the current task to be (vertically) in the middle of 
> my screen, just using the keyboard.
> Cheers
> J

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