This issue is EXTREMELY frustrating.

If you are using an Active tasks view, is there really no good way to move 
to the *next* task on your list, after you have moved your task's Start 

I more or less live in an Active tasks view, and I use Start Date a LOT to 
move tasks off my list.

e.g. Alt+S, 3, D, Enter 

... would move a task off my Active tasks view for 3 days. But how do I get 
back to the next task?



On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 2:15:08 AM UTC, grizz wrote:
> Hi,
> not directly to next task but, you can use alt+1 and then arrow down.
> Regards,
> ― grizz 
> W dniu środa, 7 lutego 2018 13:50:26 UTC+1 użytkownik John . Smith napisał:
>> Hello
>> When you are in an Active view, after you have just made a task no longer 
>> Active, without using my mouse, how do you get focus on to the next task 
>> in your list?
>> Background
>> When looking at an "Active tasks" view, I am in the habit of "kicking 
>> tasks into the future" using just the keyboard. For example I might move 
>> the Start Date 3 days into the future by doing Alt/S 3 D.  This works well.
>> My problem is that when I do this, the current task (quite correctly) 
>> disappears from current view and this means that no task on the current 
>> view is selected.  Whereas my workflow is that I am working my way down my 
>> list of tasks, and so what I want to happen is to go to the NEXT task in my 
>> list. 
>> Is there any way to go to the *next* task in my list just by using my 
>> keyboard?
>> Cheers
>> J

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