Good day all

    Compliments of the season to everyone and I hope that this mail finds
all well.

     I am trying to find out a bit more regarding the archiving storage

     We currently have an archiving process that the dev team wrote for
archiving of data.

      However, management has requested that we move the archived data on
the archive server to a database using tables create with the
Archive storage engine.

      This also counts for all new data.

      After reading up on it, the dev team have a few concerns and thus I
would like to find out from people who may have had experience with
the storage engine.

     From what we can see it stores unindexed data, thus reading from
these tables will be slow as it uses full table scans.

      The current archiving process however copies data over to the
archive server, then it does integrity checks between the archive
server and live data to confirm that the data did in fact copy
correctly before it removes the data from the live server.

      The concern is that moving to the archive storage engine will slow
down the process as all selects for the integrity checks will become
slower due to no indexes being available, etc...

    Can anyone please advise on this ?
    Any info will be greatly appreciated.


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