Hey all,

I have a weird issue.

MySQL community edition 5.6.29, running Linux.

Binlogs never seem to get caught up on slaves.  

I've done all I can, to validate that this isn't network or disk related.

Disk tests (using iostat and other methods) show lots of bandwidth left
on the slave and master.

Network tests, such as:

- using scp to copy binlogs directly
- using different NICs to copy binlogs
- using mysqlbinlog to snag logs (the most 'real' way I can think to
  simulate the replication thread copying binlogs from the master)

All seem to show that network speed is blazingly fast.

Yet, MySQL is barely getting 4mbit/sec across the network, and
onto the disk.  And that's on a good day.

Any immediate suggestions here?  This seems very weird, and SQL thread is
constantly running out of stuff to process.

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