There are two ways to approach this:

1.) Turn off name resolution in MySQL and only do the ACL by IP. This is probably best as name resolution can slow the database and cause outright app failure if DNS fails for any reason.

2.) Make absolutely certain the names resolve correctly in DNS... Then see point 1 above.

On 3/2/17 7:01 AM, Kaushal Shriyan wrote:

Is there any pros and cons to multiple domain names mapped to a single IP
work in MySQL client server setup like in case of httpd webserver there is
a concept of VHost having multiple domain names mapped to a single IP?

For example :-

int-mysqldbserver1.example.com :-
int-mysqldbserver2.example.com :-

Will there be a issue when i point full qualified domain name in the
application which uses mysql client program since both domain names are
pointing to the same IP?

Any help will be highly appreciable.



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