Good day everyone

     I hope this mail is finding everyone well.

     I am asking for some insight again today as I can not seem to find
the correct info on the net.

     Some of our database tables are quite large with millions of records.

     However due to disk space issues, we have done a huge amount of
archiving by moving data to archiving servers and deleting from main

     We would like to however run optimize table in order to reclaim some
of the disk space , but we are facing the following issues :

       - Running optimize on the full table not possible due to lack of
disk space.
        - We then tried to optimize per partition using "Alter Table
<table> optimize partition <partition name>;"

      Optimizing per partition however seems to be taking extremely long
as we are only able to optimize 35 partitions (of the 1024
partitions in the table) during the course of 4 hours.

     I would like to know whether there is a more efficient way to do this?

     These are live servers that we can not unfortunately take offline
(i.e. lock table as per some suggestions found).

    I would really appreciate any feedback in this matter.


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