Dear all,
Currently max_allowed_packet is set to 8M. That test email is simply a test 
email containing some basic information in the message body to assure that the 
email system works.
Thing that can help me is to put mysql in the debug mode in one terminal and at 
the same time, submit a test email from the browser. Then I can see what is 
going there in sql. This process is similar to sshd debug mode where I can turn 
on the ssh service in the debug mode and see what is what. Is there is any 
other option for debugging, please let me know.

>The MySQL Error Log may  contain details explaining why mysqld was unable to 
>stay running
If you are referring to /var/log/musql/error.log then I have to say it is empty!

>Perhaps you could connect your mysql client, load the screen, then run show 
>full processlist every second or so to see what queries are going on.
As I said, I know few things about mysql. Please let me know the steps to do 
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