On 5/24/2017 12:21, Papa wrote:
I am learning Java and I'd like to use MySQL to create, delete and update databases using Java. I have done this with C++ SQLite, but now, as I said, I want to port my code to Java [not easy for a Java nubby]. However, the MySQL installer [mysql-installer-web-community-] has several choices of which I am not familiar. I don't use MS-Office at all, I use OpenOffice, so, when at the "Choosing a Setup Type" window, 'Developer Default' requires some MS products I do not have.

You mean MySQL for Visual Studio and MySQL for Excel? I think you can uncheck them.

I tried the other options, but I think they also require MS Office and/or VS.

What other options require Office or VS?

What would you recommend me in this case?

You'll want Connector/J (under "Connectors"?).



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