Subject: Re: mysql_upgrade then mysqld. I feel very ID-10-T PEBKAC today
> 2018-02-23T14:02:33.962240Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-010735] Can't open the
mysql.plugin table. Please run mysql_upgrade to create it.

> How do I run mysql_upgrade if the mysqld server won't start?

Please don't bother to answer, I did figure it out, I'm sorry, for a bad
question and worse followup.  Apparently I'm a spammer as well.

Apparently the error was caused by something else besides plugins in
my configuration.  After carefully running --initialize from scratch
and modifying my.ini I was able to get mysqld.exe up and running just
fine on Windows 64 for MySQL 8.0 RC.  After that mysql_upgrade worked
a treat.  I did have a couple issues since it was my first time *NOT*
using --initialize_insecure in this configuration but it all works if
you do it right.  As per usual.

Sorry for the noise here,

Robert Eby

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