Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/NET 6.10.8 is the fifth GA release with .NET Core
now supporting various connection-string options and MySQL 8.0 server

To download MySQL Connector/NET 6.10.8 GA, see the "Generally Available
(GA) Releases" tab at

Changes in Connector/NET 6.10.8 (2018-08-14, General Availability)

Functionality Added or Changed

     * Optimistic locking for database-generated fields was
       improved with the inclusion of the [ConcurrencyCheck,
       attribute. Thanks to Tony Ohagan for the patch. (Bug
       #28095165, Bug #91064)

     * All recent additions to .NET Core 2.0 now are compatible
       with the Connector/NET 6.10 implementation.

     * With the inclusion of the Functions.Like extended method,
       scalar-function mapping, and table-splitting
       capabilities, Entity Framework Core 2.0 is fully

Bugs Fixed

     * EF Core: An invalid syntax error was generated when a new
       property (defined as numeric, has a default value, and is
       not a primary key) was added to an entity that already
       contained a primary-key column with the AUTO_INCREMENT
       attribute. This fix validates that the entity property
       (column) is a primary key first before adding the
       attribute. (Bug #28293927)

     * EF Core: The implementation of some methods required to
       scaffold an existing database were incomplete. (Bug
       #27898343, Bug #90368)

     * The Entity Framework Core implementation did not render
       accented characters correctly on bases with different
       UTF-8 encoding. Thanks to Kleber kleberksms for the
       patch. (Bug #27818822, Bug #90316)

     * The Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore assembly (with EF Core
       2.0) was not loaded and the absence generated an error
       when the application project was built with any version
       of .NET Framework. This fix ensures the following

          + EF Core 1.1 with .NET Framework 4.5.2 only

          + EF Core 2.0 with .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later
       (Bug #27815706, Bug #90306)

     * Attempts to create a new foreign key from within an
       application resulted in an exception when the key was
       generated by a server in the MySQL 8.0 release series.
       (Bug #27715069)

     * A variable of type POINT when used properly within an
       application targeting MySQL 8.0 generated an SQL syntax
       error. (Bug #27715007)

     * The case-sensitive lookup of field ordinals was
       initialized using case-insensitive comparison logic. This
       fix removes the original case-sensitive lookup. (Bug
       #27285641, Bug #88950)

     * The TreatTinyAsBoolean connection option was ignored when
       the MySqlCommand.Prepare() method was called. (Bug
       #27113566, Bug #88472)

     * The MySql.Data.Types.MySqlGeometry constructor called
       with an array of bytes representing an empty geometry
       collection generated an ArgumentOutOfRangeException
       exception, rather than creating the type as expected.
       Thanks to Peet Whittaker for the patch. (Bug #26421346,
       Bug #86974)

     * Slow connections made to MySQL were improved by reducing
       the frequency and scope of operating system details
       required by the server to establish and maintain a
       connection. (Bug #22580399, Bug #80030)

     * All columns of type TINYINT(1) stopped returning the
       expected Boolean value after the connector encountered a
       NULL value in any column of this type. Thanks to David
       Warner for the patch. (Bug #22101727, Bug #78917)

Nuget packages are available at:

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

On Behalf of the MySQL/Oracle Release Engineering Team,
Hery Ramilison

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