Upscene releases Database Workbench 5.4.6

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the availability of
the next version of the popular multi-DBMS development tool:

“ Database Workbench 5.4.6 "

This is a bugfix release, previous releases included support for MariaDB 10.1 
and 10.2, MySQL 5.7 and Azure, a custom report writer, a renewed stored routine 
debugger with full support for Firebird 3 Stored Functions and Packages and 
several other features.

Database Workbench 5 comes in multiple editions with different pricing models, 
there's always a version that suits you!

Here's the full list of changes

For more information, see What's new in Database Workbench 5?
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Database Workbench supports MySQL, MariaDB, Firebird, Oracle, MS SQL Server,
SQL Anywhere, NexusDB, PostgreSQL and InterBase, comes in multiple editions and 
is licensed based on selectable modules.

It includes tools for database design, database maintenance, testing, data 
data import & export, database migration, database compare and numerous other 

About Database Workbench
Database Workbench is a database developer tool, over 12 years in the making and
is being used by thousands of developers across the globe who have come to rely 
on it
every day. From database design, implementation, to testing and debugging, it 
will aid you 
in your daily database work.

About Upscene Productions
Based in The Netherlands, Europe, this small but dedicated company has been 
database developers with useful tools for over 14 years. Slowly expanding the 
product portfolio
and gaining recognition amongst InterBase and Firebird database developers, 
they now offer
tools for a whole range of database systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL 

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