I have a question about mysql replication. I believe I understand most of it, but have a question about user privileges.

I understand on the master, the replication user must have the Repl_slave_priv privilege as described here:

My question is about what replication-related users and privileges must exist on the slave.

So, for example, if an insert on the master that is to be replicated is performed by user 'abc' with proper insert permissions on the master, does that same 'abc' user with same insert permissions need to exist on the slave as well?

In other words, what user is performing the replication operation on the slave? I don't see any indication of users referenced in the bin logs that I have examined on the master. Are user and privileges regarding replicated queries irrelevant on the slave and that is handled all internally via the replication thread with no regard to user privileges?

Thank you.

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