Attached is a patch to add AudioScrobbler support to MythMusic.  It is
not quite final: once I receive a plugin ID from the AS guys, that will
need to replace the testing id "tst" in the MythScrobbler constructor.

This support was designed to require as few changes to the stock
libscrobbler (provided by the AS guys under GPL) as possible, which is
the reason why there is this wacky two-level submission queue.  The
motivation here is that when libscrobbler is updated, the changes
required on this end for re-integration will be minimal.

The only significant thing missing from this support that really should
be added is musicbrainz support: the metadata should be augmented to
read musicbrainz data from the tags (vorbiscomment, id3v2, etc.) so
MythScrobbler can pick them up and pass them through to libscrobbler.
However, as this is a "SHOULD" item in the AS spec, it's not a blocker.

I'd like for people to test this out and tell me if there are any
problems.  After patching, go into Media settings/Player settings and
set up your AudioScrobbler username and password.  (The other thing
missing is a way to obscure the password text entry field; if someone
more familiar with Qt can give me a pointer here, that would be great.)


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