Hi Stephen,

Not sure why it's doing that actually, when I set this up the scanning code
did list the radio channels but listed them as ignored because they were
radio streams. I used the same procedure that was described in the list a
couple of days ago, by specifying the transport stream then doing a "Scan of
existing transports" and chose the correct transport stream.

I'm not at home at the moment and am in the Wollongong area but if you still
want the channel dump I can send it through. :)


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I have mythtv basically working, but scanning for the ABC and SBS
channels does not work. All the commercial channels are there (WIN,
SC10, Prime). I'm suspecting that it's because of the DiG and SBS DVB
radio stations freaking out the scanning code (I compiled the 0.18.1
source tarballs) . Has anyone entered these in by hand and can send me
a DB dump?


PS - It's interesting to see that it uses less CPU when displayhing
than Xine. The high-def channels seem to use about 40% (with XvMC on
an Nvidia 5200 with an Athlon XP 2600+) where Xine would use about 60%
and stutter.

On 7/6/05, Christopher Yeoh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> At 2005/7/6 14:06+1000  Stephen Hocking writes:
> > I have a mythtv setup in Canberra using a DVB card. The channels
> > listed by the card using tzap & friends have little in common with the
> > stuff retrieved via d1.com.au. Channels titles are different, channels
> > exist in one but not the other, etc. Has anyone got a better source of
> > channel info? I can hand edit the channel info in the DB, so that the
> > program updates go in the right place, but compared to the setup I had
> > working over in the US, it is a little frustrating.
> I just did the same sort of setup on the weekend. The document
> here:
> http://www.gavinj.net/geek/mythtv_setup.txt
> is pretty good for Canberra. For guide data I'd recommend
> http://www.tv.guide.org.au
> and there is a tv_grab_au_tuhs script which you can use.
> Chris
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