There seems to be some problems when using the libmpeg2 decoder (Using SVN 7609 ATM) :

1) Mythweb thumbnails are pixelated
2) Fast forwarding/rewinding live TV or recordings - picture is pixelated, last 20 lines or so of the picture are corrupted (seems to be from previous frames). 3) Watching a transcoded movie - first few frames seems to be pixelated, last 20 lines or so of the picture don't match 4) Watching live tv/recordings that has not be transcoded yet - first few frames are corrupted, but then picture turns normal again. If your FF/REV, the problems in (2) starts happening, play at normal speed and the picture is normal.

Only libmpeg2 exhibit the above symptoms, "Standard" or "XvMC" do not. libmepg2 installed on my system is 0.4.0b

Is there something that I can fix on my side, or is this a MythTV bug? Any help?



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