sometimes, but not very often I'm using Thruk's mobile frontend 
(https://example.net/thruk/cgi-bin/mobile.cgi) to check 
for services, but I noticed that "Reschedule Now" and "Acknowledge" don't 
seem to work any more. I'm using naemon-thruk 1.0.5 and thruk 2.10 (from 
the Debian/Jessie repos) and this worked before, but it may have been 
broken for some releases now, at least on my system.

The only error I get is the following in Apache's error.log, for each 
attempt to reschedule:

 Use of uninitialized value $backend in split at 
/usr/share/thruk/lib/Thruk/Controller/cmd.pm line 229.

Thruk logs:

[2016/09/22 22:02:23][trent][INFO][Thruk] [admin][] cmd: COMMAND \

...but the check is never executed, at least not manually. It'll get 
executed via Naemons own job queue eventually.

Maybe it's configuration issue and $c->req->parameters->{'backend'} is 
never resolved, but I couldn't find any documentation on where or 
how "backend" should be configured.

Any hints?

BOFH excuse #114:

electro-magnetic pulses from French above ground nuke testing.

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