another snag I hit upgrading from plugins version 1.3.1, to 1.4.13.

previously, it was perfectly valid to use

check_udp -H hostname -p ####

and it worked.

but now, you have to specify BOTH a 'send' string, and an 'expect' string.

The help/error message is not entirely clear:

With UDP checks, a send/expect string must be specified.

It would be nicer if it more accurately said,

With UDP checks, both a send AND an expect string must be specified.

I was wondering why it was not sufficient to call it with -s. I did not 
realize it required -e as well.
Also: i didnt really know what to 'expect"... but it turns out that

check_udp -H host -p 2342 -s 'xyz' -e ''

works ok.

Too bad that trick does not seem to work for checking if a kerb5 kdc port is 
up and valid.

I know there is a "check_kdc" perl script, but it requires a couple of 
external modules. I prefer things that are self-contained, or compiled.

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