On Jul 30, 2009, at 2:23 PM, Wes Rogers wrote:

> Is it possible to disable notifications for when you ack a service
> problem via the status.cgi?   I don't see any options in the
> documentation, either globally, per service or contact, etc which lets
> you disable the sending of a notification when a service is ack'ed.

It's on the 'ack a service problem' page. There's a Send Notification  
checkbox, enabled by default. If you do not want it enabled by  
default, you'll need to edit cmd.c to removed the 'CHECKED'  
specification and recompile.

Sticky Acknowledgement:
Send Notification:
Persistent Comment:
Author (Your Name):
Command Description
This command is used to acknowledge a service problem. When a service  
problem is acknowledged, (...) If you do not want an acknowledgement  
notification sent out to the appropriate contacts, uncheck the 'Send  
Notification' checkbox."

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