* Eliezer Croitoru <elie...@ngtech.co.il> [2013-08-09 16:46]:
> I have compiled all nagios plugins many times but on the last time this
> what happens:
> nagios-plugins-1.4.16.tar.gz
> I compile with no errors and then when nagios do a check it states:
> CRITICAL - Network Unreachable (repo.ngtech.co.il)

My guess would be that your IPv6 connectivity is broken.  In that case,
using check_ping's "-4" flag should do the trick.  If that _doesn't_
help, could you please paste the output of "check_ping -vvv [...]"?

> Can anyone test it please and make sure that my assumptions are right?

For me, both of the following commands return OK:

$ check_ping -4 -H repo.ngtech.co.il -w '500.0,10%' -c '1000.0,50%'
$ check_ping -6 -H repo.ngtech.co.il -w '500.0,10%' -c '1000.0,50%'


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