> On 8/28/13 14:43, C. Bensend wrote:
>> Are you saying I just need gearmand running on the collector?
> Well, i assumed it. You are the only one which really can tell that.
> You will need a worker on each host which should run checks. If your
> collector should not run any checks, than no worker is necessary.
> See http://labs.consol.de/nagios/mod-gearman/#_common_scenarios for a list
> of common setups.

OK, yes, I grok that.  I guess I would want the collector to be *able*
to run checks, if it doesn't get timely information from the pollers.
I'm assuming that's why it's even trying in the first place - it
doesn't see a result in a timely manner, so it thinks it should run

Which circles back to my original question - why can't it run the
check?  Why isn't it finding what it needs to find?  The workers
are running as the nagios user, and I don't see anything that appears
pertinent in the mod_gearman_worker.conf file...  What am I missing?
Neither the gearmand.log nor the mod_gearman_worker.log files seem
to have any complaints (but I haven't bumped up the debug on them yet).

Thanks so much for your help!


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