Hi, Sven.

On Wednesday, 25 September 2013 21:45:29 +0200,
Sven Nierlein wrote:

> > Are you using the latest version of PNP4Nagios?  If so, maybe it
> > doesn't support Nagios 4.0 yet?

> PNP4Nagios works with Nagios4 without any modification, but you have
> to compile the npcdmod against the Nagios4 headers and includes.

I was reviewing the installation of Nagios which also installed
PNP4Nagios and I could not find the source code of the latter so I will
not be able to uninstall it with a simple "make uninstall". So what I'm
trying to do is disable it.

For this I was reviewing the Nagios configuration files in

nagios.cfg: I commented the following line:


Also I deleted the references to PNP4Nagios in the configuration files
into the "objects" directory.

With these changes I got that Nagios can start, however there are some
sections that are not yet operational:

* Map.
* Trends.
* Alerts -> Histogram.

Reviewing again in /usr/local/nagios/var/nagios.log, I found the
following records are repeated continuously:

[1380156849] wproc: HOST PERFDATA job 1983 from worker Core Worker 27245 is a 
non-check helper but exited with return code 2
[1380156849] wproc:   command: /usr/bin/perl 
/usr/local/nagios/libexec/process_perfdata.pl -d HOSTPERFDATA
[1380156849] wproc:   early_timeout=0; exited_ok=1; wait_status=512; 
[1380156849] Worker 27245: Unknown jobtype: 9
[1380156849] wproc: Unknown job type: 9
[1380157096] wproc: SERVICE PERFDATA job 2020 from worker Core Worker 27246 is 
a non-check helper but exited with return code 2
[1380157096] wproc:   command: /usr/bin/perl 
[1380157096] wproc:   early_timeout=0; exited_ok=1; wait_status=512; 
[1380157096] Worker 27246: Unknown jobtype: 10

May this have to do with the components that are not yet operational?

Thanks for your reply.

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