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Report it on some webpage and call it "Internet
Resources stolen", document every incident as you do via email, send a
copy to the appropriate RIR and upstream ISP allowing the hijack in
question to show that you did the appropriate effort and we can then
move on.

I can and will stop posting here, and go off an blog about this stuff
instead, if the consensus is that I'm utterly off-topic or utterly
uninteresting and useless.  But a few folks have told me they find
this stuff interesting, and it has operational significance, I think.
So for now, at least, I'd like to continue to share here.

As regards to reporting to RIRs or upstreams, what makes you think that
either of those would care one wit?  The RIRs are not the Internet
Police, or so I am told.

Good morning Ron –

The RIRs are not the Internet Police, but we do care very much about the 
integrity of the Internet number registry system.

Please report to ARIN any instances of number resource records in the ARIN 
registry whose organization you believe to be incorrect – while such records 
are updated only based on appropriate documentation, that doesn’t preclude the 
use of fraudulent documentation that goes undetected.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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