On Mon, 12 Aug 2019, Bruce H McIntosh wrote:
On 8/12/19 3:26 PM, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
Half my grump with Amazon here is that they have, for all practical
purposes, unlimited money and unlimited personnel.  They should be the
go-to example for How To Do It Right.  They should be the model (or one
of the models) that we're all trying to emulate, the gold standard that
we can all point to.

But they're not.

The other half of my grump is that they're enormous, and therefore capable
of inflicting enormous damage.  The larger an operation, the more critical
it is that abuse/security/et.al. be fully supported, highly responsive,
empowered to act decisively, etc.

But they're not.

And I have yet to see anyone from Amazon (a) admit this and (b) ask for help
fixing it.

The larger they are, the more immune from having to follow the rules they think they are.

SBL seems the only way to wake them up.


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