I wonder whom did the ARIN have sent bills to.

On 8/15/19 12:40 PM, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> As if to underscore the point I just tried to make about the fundamental
> unreliability of ARIN WHOIS records, I just stumbled onto this rather
> curious entity which was apparently given a sub-allocation of
> beneath the (Azuki, Inc.) block as of 2012-01-10:
> OrgName:        Rogers Communications Inc
> OrgId:          RC-82
> Address:        E 2nd St,Campbell
> City:           Gillette
> StateProv:      WY
> PostalCode:     82716
> Country:        US
> RegDate:        2012-01-10
> Updated:        2012-01-10
> Ref:            https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/RC-82
> Other that the fact that it has an oddly similar name to one of Canada's
> largest and most well-known Internet and cell phone companies, the only
> other thing that's rather remarkable about it is that it was given the
> block, by Azuki, Inc. in 2012.  What's odd about that?
> Well, only the fact that this *Wyoming* incarnation of Rogers Communications
> had apparently already died and gone to Valhalla some 14 years earlier,
> in 1998:
> https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=070023242004106130056183154143023082073130141117
> Moral of the story:  Don't ever let anybody tell you that ghosts... even
> ghosts of long dead companies... aren't real or that they do not walk
> among us.  Their immortal auras pervade the very ether we breath.
> And they have their own IPs, apparently.
> But, you know, if your customers are getting hack attacks emmanating from
> well... to quote the old Ghostbusters tag line "Who
> you gonna call?"  (Hint:  Don't waste your time calling the number in the
> WHOIS record.  It's just some bloody preschool.)
> Regards,
> rfg

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