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>>>> there is no ROI at this point. In this kind of environment there needs to
>>>> be a strong case to invest the capex to support IPv6.
>>>> IPv6 must be supported on the CxO level in order to be deployed.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Sabri, (Badum tsss) MBA
>>> I see....well let me translate it you MBA-eese for you:
>>> FANG deployed ipv6 nearly 10 years ago. Since deploying ipv6, the cohort
>>> experienced 300% CAGR. Also, everything is mobile, and all mobile providers
>>> in the usa offer ipv6 by default in most cases. Latency! Scale! As your
>>> company launches its digital transformation iot 2020 virtualization
>>> container initiatives, ipv6 will be an integral part of staying relevant on
>>> the blockchain.  Also, FANG did it nearly 10 years ago.  Big content and
>>> big eyeballs are on ipv6, ipv4 is a winnowing longtail of irrelevance and
>>> iot botnets.
>> None of which matters a damn to almost all of my business eyeball customers. 
>>  They can still get from our network to 100% of all Internet content & 
>> services via IPv4 in 2019.
> No you can’t.  You can’t reach the machine I’m typing on via IPv4 and it is 
> ON THE INTERNET.  It is directly reachable via IPv6.  Selling Internet 
> connectivity without IPv6 should be considered fraud these days.  Don’t
> you believe in “Truth in Advertising”?

I had meant to write “They can still get from our network to 100% of all 
Internet content and services that matter to them [our customers] via IPv4...”

0% of my IPv4-only customers have opened tickets saying they cannot reach some 
service that is only IPv6 accessible. So if they do care about IPv6 
connectivity, they haven’t communicated that to us.

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