Our CEO tweeted out a new platform peak yesterday which when you round it from 
the many trailing 9’s is 140T.


I want to ensure the bits get through with the least pain as possible.

I’m expecting more of the same in the future, so if you’re not talking to 
someone here and we caused you some pain, I can help.  A number of people 
reached out in the past 24h and I think i’m all caught up on those, but while 
regular IXP peering can help in many places, if we can offload on a high 
capacity PNI that is my preference.  

- Jared

> On Feb 12, 2020, at 10:33 AM, Jason Canady <ja...@unlimitednet.us> wrote:
> We saw a higher load overnight, a little bit of a spike last night, but 
> really hard to tell overall with our traffic.  Updates were still going at 
> 8am today.  We run a local/regional WISP.
> On 2/12/20 9:46 AM, Brandon Martin wrote:
>> On 2/11/20 6:41 PM, Tom Deligiannis wrote:
>>> There is a major update that has released today, how's everything looking 
>>> for everyone?
>> I run a couple distinct very small networks.  Both are transit-only with no 
>> direct peering or local caching and generally sub-gbps.
>> One set a new 1-min 95% record and did so by nearly 25% over its previous 
>> record.  The other matched its existing record.  The former thankfully has 
>> ample capacity, while the latter thankfully did so before primetime.
>> These are definitely going to be harder to manage than the primetime hump.  
>> It would be nice if things could drop overnight to hopefully spread things 
>> out during the daytime lull some.  I understand that some people won't pick 
>> it up until they get home and turn on devices (which is often after school 
>> hours for these type of game updates), but spreading things out would be 
>> really nice especially for those of us without local caching.

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