On 2/11/20 6:41 PM, Tom Deligiannis wrote:
> There is a major update that has released today, how's everything 
> looking for everyone?

eyeball network here...

It shifted our traffic patterns to earlier peaks.  It started at 9am.  
The first peak was at 3pm and the main peak was at 7pm and the traffic
fell back to normal loads at 1am.  There was increased traffic all 
night, though, as our low traffic was still 4-5Gbps over normal lows 
at the 2-5am period.

Normal peak is ~16Gbps, but this one was ~33Gbps almost all on one
inexpensive link.  The other main link showed and increase of about 
8Gbps with a funny dip between noon and 9pm HST.


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