One of the tools that we've had for a very long time but which is
often overlooked is NNTP. It's an excellent way to move information
around under exactly these circumstances: low bandwidth, lossy
connections -- and intermittent connectivity, limited resources, etc.

Nearly any laptop/desktop has enough computing capacity to run an
NNTP server and depending on the quantity of information being moved
around, it's not at all out of the question to do exactly that, so that
every laptop/desktop (and thus every person) has their own copy right
there, thus enabling them to continue using it in the absence of any

Also note that bi- or unidirectional NNTP/SMTP gateways are useful.

It's not fancy, but anybody who demands fancy at a time like this
is an idiot.  It *works*, it gets the basics done, and thanks to
decades of development/experience, it holds up  well under duress.


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