The fix is either to remove "dnssec-lookaside auto;" from the config or else set "dnssec-lookaside no;" and then reload named.


Drew Weaver wrote on 25/03/2020 17:18:
Did anyone else on CentOS 6 just have some DNS resolvers totally fall over?

I noticed that this command: dnssec-lookaside auto; was causing the issue. The issue occurred right at about 1PM EST.

I see this note in the ISC key file..

# ISC DLV: See for details.


         # NOTE: The ISC DLV zone is being phased out as of February 2017;

        # the key will remain in place but the zone will be otherwise empty.

         # Configuring "dnssec-lookaside auto;" to activate this key is

         # harmless, but is no longer useful and is not recommended.

It’s not harmless anymore.

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