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Thanks for sharing these results. We run DPDK workloads (Cisco nee Viptela vEdge Cloud) on ESXI. Fwiw, a quick survey of a few of our Dell R640s running mostly vEdge workloads shows the PS output wattage is about 60% higher than a non-vEdge workload: 420W vs 260W. PS input amperage is 2.0A@208V vs 1.4A, a 42% difference. Processor type is Xeon 6152. Stats obtained from the iDRAC lights-out management module.

vEdge does not do any limiting of polling by default, and afaik the software has no support for any kind of limiting. It will poll the network driver on every core assigned to the VM for max performance, except for one core which is assigned to the control plane.

I'm usually more concerned about the lack of available CPU cores. The CPU usage forces us not to oversubscribe the VM hosts, which means we must provision vEdges less densely and buy more gear sooner. Plus, the increased power demand means we can fit about 12 vEdge servers per cabinet instead of 17. (Power service is 30A 208V, maximum of 80% usage.)

OTOH, I face far fewer questions about vEdge Cloud performance problems than I do on other virtual platforms.



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