David, in 1997 and 1998 I was spending about 25% of my time interview the 
principals and engaged in informal conversations with Ira Magaziner,Kim 
Hubbard, DonMitchell and others.  I was in Londone in late jan 1998 when Jon 
tried  to redirect the root.  Magaziner was there and daniel karenburg and 
others.  We did an entire day on these issues.

In addition to my published record, I have extensive electronic archives 
related to the manueverings in the founding of Arin.  Should it come to a court 
case i believe that arin will come court fine and i trust that  i will be able 
to asist the people involved in determining who did what to whom when and for 
what reasons.

Steve Wolff will remember attending with me a late afternoon meeting with 
magaziner in Ira office in mid december 1997 on the day that Ira took Jon to 
lunch and announced to Jon that he had put together funding to carry the IANA 
activities through Oct 1 of 1998 and the founding of newco.

Don Mitchel is Mr "cooperative agreement."  I  am quite confident that what 
John Curran is saying below is solid. Don did yeoman's work in ensuring the 
birth and independence of ARIN.

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On Apr 12, 2010, at 2:36 PM, David Conrad wrote:

> John,
> On Apr 12, 2010, at 5:23 AM, John Curran wrote:
>> On this matter we do agree, since allocations prior to ARIN's formation were 
>> generally made pursuant to a US Government contract or cooperative 
>> agreement.  
> As we're both aware, Jon was funded in part via the ISI Teranode Network 
> Technologies project. Folks who were directly involved have told me that 
> IANA-related activities weren't even identified in the original contracts 
> until the mid- to late-90s (around the time when lawsuits were being thrown 
> at Jon because of the domain name wars -- odd coincidence, that) when the 
> IANA activities were codified as "Task 4".  IANAL, but it seems a bit of a 
> stretch to me for ARIN to assert policy control over resources allocated 
> prior to ARIN's existence without any sort of documentation that explicitly 
> lists that policy control in ARIN's predecessor (ever).  Like I said, it'll 
> be an interesting court case.
> Regards,
> -drc

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