dear Nanog

Sorry to bother you,   I am sitting here in shock,   I have been a Verizon to  
FiOS customer for about the past six years at least I think maybe eight.    
every now and then the Verizon server will bounce an email back and tell me 
that it’s busy or not functioning but just now it bounced one back and I’m 
sorry I don’t have a screenshot of what it said but it clearly said that it 
considered me to be a spammer.   I may be a lot of things but a spammer I am 
not.  ;-)   when I get an email bounced back Apple OS X  always volunteers to 
use the pair networks server and I always automatically take that choice giving 
it never a second thought.

 it also reminded me that there was a limit on the amount of private emails a 
customer could send.

 And it said I needed to take the alleged spam and send it to  and if I remember correctly wait at least an 
hour and then try to send the message again.

 Stating very clearly that no human being would talk to me.

 what in God’s name is going on?   Please a year and a half or two years ago 
when a route  to Ecuador was being filtered a couple of NANOG folk  knew whom 
to contact and the problem was fixed in record time.   I am hoping   that I 
will experience the same thing.   I should not be a stranger to any old time 
Nanog-ers.   but right now I’m feeling really paranoid!

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