I started a thread around the same topic back on 10/16 of 2014. A Comcast engineer (who ultimately spoke to the national product manager) came back after discussing and said the same thing "We don't support that". I got a slightly longer explanation of:


In a nutshell, when we design a product we do it to accommodate the most typical customer cases. Given that the design includes a single fiber path and thus the fiber path and device that terminates on either end each are a single point of failure, adding extra BGP sessions doesn’t seem to add value in the typical failure scenarios. In order to achieve the simplest and most scalable solution to address the market, we rely on narrowing the possible combinations of parameters.


I explained to them that their interpretation prevents me from being able to do concurrent maintenance on my side (single router reboot/upgrade, etc). Never got anywhere with it though.

I'm still interested in having this set up, but have given up on it ever really coming to reality. Luckily ALL of my other providers were more than happy to set up an extra session.

If anyone from Comcast is listening, there is customer demand for this. It's not about making it better for Comcast, it's about allowing customers to have more flexibility.

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On 10/13/2016 1:48 PM, rar wrote:
After a many month wait, we were ready to turn up our BGP peering sessions on a 
new Comcast fiber connection.

With our other providers (Level 3 and Verizon) we have edge routers that 
directly connect between the provider's on premise connection and our primary 
and a backup core routers.  Each core router has a multihop BGP session with 
the provider's BGP router.  The goal is to keep the single BGP router from 
being a single point of failure.

Comcast said they could not support two separate BGP peering sessions on the 
same circuit.  Does anyone have any counter examples?  We used to have this 
setup with Comcast 5+ years ago, but now they say they can't support it.

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