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>Same mobile number (+92-304-4000736 <+92%20304%204000736>) and address are
>listed here for Blue Angel Hosting with only 1 peer AS206776.

I noticed Blue Angel.   I -didn't- notice that it had the same phone number
as the other thing,, which looks to me like a paper-mache
mock up of a false front of a sham of a mockery of travesty of a sham.

I am terrifically tempted, right at this moment, to engage in at least
a couple of noteworthy feats of unbridled cultural disparagement, directed
pointedly at the owners/operators of,
but I am restrained by the knowledge that any such would serve only to
sully my own already dubious reputation, such as it is.  So I simply ask
readers to imagine the kinds of verbal venom that I would point in that
direction if the better angels of my nature did not, on this occaasion,


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