Hi Chuck,

My secret spy satellite informs me that Chuck Anderson wrote On
2017-06-07, 5:21 PM:

> Apologies to Merit RADB, it was BGPmon that never responds.  Merit
> RADB actually does respond--my frustration is more about the
> difficulty in getting them to delete stale objects that others
> registered, although I was finally able to get my objects cleaned up.

Happy to look into this for you. We should (and normally do) follow-up
on all support requests (support @ bgpmon).

Regarding route objects:
BGPmon syncs twice a day with all IRRs for route objects. Route objects
that haven't been seen in the IRR for more than 48 hours are deleted
from our local database (cache so we don't hammer the IRR).

Could be a bug, happy to look into this but the issues doesn't
immediately ring a bell.

I'll reach out to you off-list as well to see what's going on.

 Andree (BGPmon)

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