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> > It seems that more than just a few of us were spammed by Glenn Stern
> > (gst...@calient.net), an employee of Calient following NANOG 70.
> > ...
> > Hopefully those of you who have traditional community attitudes will
> > show your reaction via your pocketbooks.
> traditional community attitudes left the building long ago.  nanog has
> become a trade show, for which this is normal behavior.  i expect mail
> "stop by our booth at nanog 42," and so forth.

This is highly inaccurate. The PC and Board have done everything in our
power to keep sponsorship out of the program. Yes, Beer & Gear looks like a
NASCAR race, but that helps fund not only the program, but the numerous
other outreach programs that NANOG has undertaken.

Sponsors who have stepped on the rules have had their sponsorship rights
revoked - temporarily, and in egregious cases, permanently. We (the NANOG
organization) take this incredibly seriously.

While it's hard to solve for the exact case above (scraping registrant
lists and then comparing to CRM to glean contact info) we absolutely do
aggressively pursue any abuse of NANOG's attendee information, trademarks,
and mailing list.

-Dave Temkin
Chair, NANOG Board of Directors

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