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+1 for the serverscheck.com gear. Been running it as a humidity monitor in the 
plant for a year or so now and it's been rock solid. If you're the kind of shop 
that requires calibration for that sort of equipment they'll handle that as 
well. Great company to work with. Pair it with Cacti + thold plugin or whatever 
other snmp monitoring you like - or the base units can handle alerting on their 

FYI for those interested - the stated max length of connecting cable between 
the base station and the sensor units (30ft iirc) is way under what it'll do in 
the real world - I've got at least one sensor unit that's a good 500ft away 
from the base station and it's been working just fine

Ed Pers

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we use: https://serverscheck.com/sensors/ - simple setup, graph nicely in 
Cacti. I went with ServerCheck wired based units + external temp+humidity 
probe. The base unit displays the temperature which is a nice quick reference 
if you are in the room.

> On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 8:31 AM, Dan White <dwh...@olp.net> wrote:
> We use Asentria.
>> On 07/13/17 22:33 -0400, Dovid Bender wrote:
>> All,
>> We had an issue with a DC where temps were elevated. The one bit of 
>> hardware that wasn't watched much was the one that sent out the 
>> initial alert. Looking for recommendations on hardware that I can 
>> mount/hang in each cabinet that is easy to set up and will alert us 
>> if temps go beyond a certain point.
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