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> Possibly a minor nit, but if the devices "don't directly support 
> automation", how is the "D" part of "CI/CD" accomplished there?  
> `integration -ne deployment`.  Do you mean something like "there is no API 
> or e.g. netconf interface, but they can generate config off-box, scp it, 
> and `copy start run` to load"?

More or less.  I've worked at places that do this sort of thing.

1) Download config from box.
2) Run script to determine changes necesary to config.
3) Load changes.
4) Download config again.
5) Re-run the script to determine changes necessary, verify there are none.

For a lot of the devices with a Cisco-IOS like interface it's not even
hard.  Generate a code snippet:

config terminal
interface e0
description bar
write mem

Then tftp the config to a server, have the script see e0 has description

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