Subject: Re: listserv hosed? [Was: Fwd: mailing list memberships 
reminder] Date: Fri, Feb 02, 2018 at 06:30:20AM -0500 Quoting Rich Kulawiec 
> 1. It's not a listserv.  It's a mailing list.  ListServ is obsolete,
> expensive, closed-source garbage software used exclusively by people
> who don't know any better and like to waste their money.


A VM/370 app that still does all internal processing in EBCDIC, even on
POSIX OSes[0], with almost-ascii config files, and that ran very well
on VMS? What is there not to love?

/Måns, former sysop at SEGATE.SUNET.SE
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What's the MATTER Sid? ... Is your BEVERAGE unsatisfactory?

[0] Eric Thomas, mr LISTSERV himself, told me this when we were migrating
    that large LISTSERV one dark night 17 years ago.

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