On 8 February 2018 at 06:48, Michael Rave <mich...@crossivity.com> wrote:

> At all my sites I use Air Console with an OOB IP connection from another ISP. 
> Sometimes this is free since it is barely being used or I’m being charged a 
> very small amount . Other times I exchange an OOB IP connection. So I get one 
> from them and they get one from me through my network.

While I appreciate being thrifty, managing these good-will trades can
be challenging. The person who you collaborated with may be gone,
there may be no formal way to file complaint or escalate, so you may
find MTTR times being very high or even need to come up with entirely
new solution at arbitrary time.
I would definitely optimise for having real contract and circuit #
from provider who has normal product. Your situation may differ, but
in my situation MRC is dominated by fibre leases and electricity, and
IP-OOB WAN cost is immaterial.


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