snmptt is not that hard once you get used to it.

    snmpttconvert takes care of most cases... Then the rest is all about scripting.

    We're using it on Port Up/Down & BGP Session state change.

As for an Open NMS ...  That's another story.


    Good luck.

    PS: We're using a tweaked version of Cacti 0.8.8x with Threshold and adding a sFlow Weatrhermap soon, with only ~200 devices (over 5000 ports) but all the ports are mapped, monitored for traffic, errors and pps,  Sites,  Peers and Customers are also documented and we're using it for our billing purposes (95th).

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On 02/13/18 08:08, K. Scott Helms wrote:

Sadly, open source + SNMP traps != simple.

The simplest option that I've personally used in the past is SNMPTT with



The main problem is that SNMP traps, like most of SNMP, aren't simple
despite the name.  Having said that it can be done especially if the gear
doesn't change too often.

Scott Helms

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 7:44 AM, Matthew Huff <mh...@ox.com> wrote:

We are retiring a legacy SNMP system and are looking for a simple,
opensource SNMP trap receiver/alerting system. We aren't looking for a full
SNMP system, just something that will receive snmp traps and email/alert
based on them.

1) Looking for something off the shelf, not a development project
2) Opensource or low cost
3) SNMP MIB compiler

Any suggestions?

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