We are dropping these into our Metro network for pure layer 2 aggregation and 
100 Gbs port density ...  32 100 Gig ports on single rack unit.  Does support 
4x 25 and 2x 50 on each interface 

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The presentation I saw listed the two, 5448 and ACX+ as different products. 
5448 listed as Committed while the ACX+ was listed as Under Planning. They were 
also shown to be targeted at different markets, 1G/10G with 100G and 


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I just heard from a Juniper sales person about the ACX5448 (code name ACX5k+ or 
ACX+ or something like that) and about (4) 100 gig ports... also, about another 
ACX5k variant that may have 25 gig (25 gig is something the linux server 
engineer I work with has been talking about in his next datacenter server 

Anybody else know anything about ACX5448 (ACX+) ?


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