This is more or less the situation we're in. We contacted the customer and they 
informed us the matter is in dispute with the RIR and that their customer (the 
assignee) is in the process of resolving the issue. We have to allow them time 
to accomplish this. I've asked for additional information to help us understand 
the nature of the dispute. In that time we received another request to stop 
announcing the prefix(s) in addition to a new set of prefixes, and a threat to 
contact our upstream providers as well as ARIN - which is not the RIR the 
disputed resources are allocated to.

This is a new(er) customer, so there is some merit to dropping the prefix and 
letting them sort it out based on the current RIR contact(s). However, there is 
obvious concern over customer service and dropping such a large block of IPs. 

I'm definitely leaning toward "let the customer (or customer's customer) and 
the RIR sort it out" if the POC validates the request weighed responsibly 
against customer age. However, from a customer service perspective, I think we 
owe it to our customers to make sure a request is legitimate before we knock 
them offline. With a limited toolset to validate that information, I can't help 
but feel conflicted.

I appreciate all the feedback this thread has generated so far!

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Yes, absolutely go with the RIR.  Only thing I might adjust it whether I let 
the customer launch a dispute with the RIR before or after I make the change 
and to me that would depend on the preponderance of the evidence either way.  I 
might give the long term customer the reasonable doubt.  A new customer with a 
new advertisement not so much.  Talk to your legal people of course but I would 
think if the RIR could verify a dispute in progress, you are covered until the 
dispute is resolved.  Seems legally reasonable to me and shows due diligence on 
your part without you getting in the middle.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

>Hi Sean,
>There is a definitive technical means. It's called contact the POC published 
>in WHOIS by the RIR and ask. It isn't flawless and you don't have to like >it, 
>but there it is.
>If you contacted the POC and the POC replied stop, you stop. If the POC was 
>hijacked at the RIR, that's between your customer and the RIR.
>The RIR has a standard process and an expert team for dealing with these 
>situations. It's their job.
>Bill Herrin

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