IXes are generally a far better use of eyeball resources than additional 
transit networks. 

Obviously, there are some edge exceptions. 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 


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If most of your traffic is for US based destinations, you might see worse 
performance since Sparkle doesn't seem to have many US POPs/Peering 
locations compared to Centurylink/Level3 or HE. You'd probably benefit more 
by pulling in some peering from Dallas than adding or replacing a transit 
provider as your current mix is decent for an eyeball network. Pick up 
peering with Cloudflare, Netflix, Amazon, EdgeCast, Facebook, Apple, 
Akamai, and Microsoft in Dallas and you might even be able to get rid of 
one of your transit providers. 

Sparkle would "shine" if you were a US hosting provider with many eyeballs 
in Europe/Africa/Middle East. 

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> On 16/May/18 16:54, Aaron Gould wrote: 
> > .written in 12/2015 - do y'all think this is accurate, and, in 2018, is 
> it 
> > still accurate ? (asking since my next question is related to Sparkle, 
> since 
> > they are listed in that previous article as a significant Internet 
> presence) 
> I don't know about "owning" the Internet, but I would agree with the 
> article re: the 7 key global transit providers as things stand in 2018. 
> It matches up with our own compliment of transit providers in our 
> network (AS37100). 
> > 
> > 
> > My coworker just got back from ITW/Chicago and he is considering Sparkle 
> as 
> > an additional Internet provider for the ISP I work for in San Antonio, 
> TX . 
> > we would need to uplink to Sparkle in the central Texas area somehow. He 
> > mentioned that Sparkle may be in McAllen / Dallas and could possibly, in 
> the 
> > future be in Austin or San Antonio 
> My initial experience with TI Sparkle was in South East Asia back in 
> '08. They were decent. 
> We have them in our stable, and like them for their South American 
> coverage. 
> Mark. 

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