Dne 17/05/2018 v 18:14 Sander Steffann napsal(a):
> Hi,
> But this regulation increases essential liberty for individuals, so I don't 
> understand your argument...

No, it don't. It has two aspects:

1. It brings new positive defined rights. But as with any other positive
defined rights, it brings an obligation for anyone other to provide such
rights, it requires enforcement, inspections/whatever which anyone in
Europe must pay from taxes and it requires implementation of a lot of
rules, possible changing of existing internal systems etc. etc. in
companies which will be paid from their revenue, so again from consumer

2. It would be the true in an ideal situation. In the real world, there
is no ideal situation. Accept the fact that if you would like to keep
any data private, you must not tell them to anyone. You. You are the one
who can decide about your data and who can really protect your data, no
one else, no government, no GDPR. There is a lot of anonymization
techniques, strong encryption and other things helping to cover who
used/published/steal your private data when it is done by experienced
professionals. It could help a little bit to keep private data protected
againest beginner and intermediate data thieves and perhaps againest
some kinds of stupid mistakes, maybe. Nothing more. Is it enough when we
mention all the costs, including hidden? I don't think so.

BTW, nobody told me he is going to propose such regulation before the
last EP elections, no party I have been able to vote has anything like
this nor oposing anything like this in their program.


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