Title: In case you haven't seen this yet
Thanks for the update Alex. I didn't read the original article, but this seems like a pretty short synopsis. I'm looking forward to seeing msbuild when it gets closer to release.
As the MSBuild PM, do you know if the team has considered any interop scenarios with NAnt tasks or the NAnt framework. Is this something that would be in the scope of the work you would consider? If not, can you comment on the technical challenges in doing in working either way (nant->msbuild; msbuild->nant, task interop)?
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Hello everyone,

At the risk of reliving a very painful subject, I wanted to point the community to the published "chapter 2" of Brent Rectors book entitled Introducing Longhorn for Developers.  The link is here:


You will note Brent re-wrote the entire section about "Why not Ant/NAnt", and what you see on this link is what you will see printed on the book when it hits your local bookstore.  In other words what was printed in the PDC copy of the book will no longer be printed.  I hope you find the current text to be more precise and especially less adversarial. 

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