Heh - that's really cool, but the UI truely sucks. Why don't they add a menu item for that instead? :) I had *no* clue that even existed. I've been manually hacking .csproj files to point to the same file which tends to screw up VS.NET.

Ivan Tarasov wrote:

Hello Matthew,

when you add existing file to the project (in VS.NET), in the open
dialog the "Open" button has an arrow on the right side. By clicking
on this arrow you activate the popup menu in which you can choose
"Link". In that case the file is not copied, in the project the xml
attribute Link appears. E.g.:
                    RelPath = "..\VersionInfo.cs"
                    Link = "..\VersionInfo.cs"
                    BuildAction = "Compile"

Surely, it is a greate example of non-intuitive UI :-)

MM> Viehland, Kirk wrote:

Nant developers,

I am getting this error when I compile a VS.Net 2003 solution with an
ProductInfo file that has been linked from a parent directory.

MM> Just as a side note - what is a Linked file within a solution? How is MM> one created?

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