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Subject: release plan document

> Hi Gert,
> Whats our policy for updating this document ? Should we be
> proposing/discussing features before tagetting them against a release
> version ?

Perhaps we should set the status to pending if we haven't yet determined if
we will implement a specific feature, and planned if we have decided that
will implement it.

I think we should indeed have "meetings" to discuss the features that we
want to implement for a new release.  But that doesn't mean that we can't
deviate from that list of features at any time.  But if we do, we should
again agree on this....

> I'd like to add Expression support and a windows installer for 0.9
> release timeframe. Shall I just drop them into the table ?

Yes, sure ...


PS. I forwarded this to the list as this concerns all developers.

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