> Hi all,
> Is it possible to use some nant task to do this:
> I need delete files with specific name NameOfFile*.zip which are older then 1
> month and in dir must be at least 3 files of that name.
> My english is not so good so here is example.
> 1. I have 30 files of specific name pattern. 25 are older then one month
> - that 25 file will be deleted, because there still will be 5 files 2. I have 
> 30 files
> of specific name pattern. 29 are older then one month
> - 27 oldest files will be deleted, because I need at least 3 files of that 
> pattern.
> Hopefully you can understand me
> Best Regards Ales

Here is my hazel target. I thought of creating it as a task... but have been 
too lazy. But, if someone wants to add the hazel task to Nantcontrib I don't 
have a problem with that. This clears leaving behind a certain number of files, 
but it could easily be changed to use age of file instead.

<target name="hazel">
    <property name="hazel.searchPattern" value="*" overwrite="false" />
    <script language="C#">
        public static void ScriptMain(Project project)
            string path = project.Properties["hazel.dirToClean"];
                        string searchPattern = 
                        string [] folders = 

            System.Collections.ArrayList dirlist = new 
            foreach (string folder in folders)
                dirlist.Add(new DirectoryInfo(folder));
            dirlist.Sort(new DirectoryInfoDateComparer());

            for (int i = 5; i < dirlist.Count; i++)
                string foldername = ((DirectoryInfo)dirlist[i]).Name;;
                    project.Log(Level.Info, String.Format("Deleted folder {0}", 

                catch (Exception e) { project.Log(Level.Warning, 
String.Format("Unable to delete folder {0}, {1}", foldername, e.Message)); }

        internal class DirectoryInfoDateComparer : System.Collections.IComparer
            public int Compare(object x, object y)
                DirectoryInfo di1 = (DirectoryInfo)x;
                DirectoryInfo di2 = (DirectoryInfo)y;

                return di1.CreationTime.CompareTo(di2.CreationTime);

Here is an example of how I would call it:

        <property name="hazel.dirToClean"    value="${InstallDir}" />
        <property name="hazel.searchPattern" value="CD 
${version.major}_${version.minor}_${version.build}_${version.revision}_*" />
        <call target="hazel" />


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