as in http://nant.sourceforge.net/release/latest/help/functions
states version::get-build needs a version as parameter.
Therefore you need to do a version::parse() before.
In addition you need to encapsulate your version with ' to get a string.


should work.

If you want to get this info from an assembly you need following:

similar for ProductVersion:

hth Dogu

Am 18.10.2012 18:04, schrieb Thuc D. Nguyen:
> Hello,
> I cannot get the NAnt function *version::get-build* to retrieve the
> build number. Below is what I use inside my NAnt script and what follows
> is the error message. I'm using NAnt 0.92.
> Does anyone have any idea on how to make this work?
>      <property name="BuildNumber" value="${version::get-build(}" />
>      <echo message="${BuildNumber}" />
>              BUILD FAILED
>              MyNAnt.build(259,6):
>              ',' expected.
>              Expression: ${version::get-build(}
>                                                                 ^
> Thanks,

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